logored1Garry Glaub is a lifelong outdoorsman and sports coach, gifted at simplifying complexities.  Since the Lord grabbed hold of his life, he has applied that gift of teaching to the Bible, the most complex document ever written.  From the Sierras to the Holy Land, he has served as mentor and guide on spiritual retreats and excursions, inspiring others to find their special gifts through a closer walk with Jesus.

Here is a project that I contributed to that has been such a blessing. The church I attend, Costa Mesa Church of Christ, has housed some people who were formerly on the streets. This is their story of the changes in their lives in the last year. As we look forward, we are trying to build or buy some transitional housing to get them completely back on their feet, but in the meantime, they are now children of God! I recorded most of the video and took the still photos, while Tim Watson assembled the video and did an absolutely amazing job. John Begin, the pastor at the church, had the vision and the heart to be the hands and feet of Jesus! If you would like to partner in this ministry, contact me:

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