logored1Garry Glaub is a lifelong outdoorsman and sports coach, gifted at simplifying complexities.  Since the Lord grabbed hold of his life, he has applied that gift of teaching to the Bible, the most complex document ever written.  From the Sierras to the Holy Land, he has served as mentor and guide on spiritual retreats and excursions, inspiring others to find their special gifts through a closer walk with Jesus.

Here is a project that I contributed to that has been such a blessing. The church I attend, Costa Mesa Church of Christ, has housed some people who were formerly on the streets. This is their story of the changes in their lives in the last year. As we look forward, we are trying to build or buy some transitional housing to get them completely back on their feet, but in the meantime, they are now children of God! I recorded most of the video and took the still photos, while Tim Watson assembled the video and did an absolutely amazing job. John Begin, the pastor at the church, had the vision and the heart to be the hands and feet of Jesus! If you would like to partner in this ministry, contact me:

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  1. Hi Garry,
    It’s Muy (Linda). Hope all is well with you. Thank you for the role you played in leading me to the Lord., first communion, and Bible which I treasure. I went on to meet (10 years ago) and marry (5 years ago) an ordained minister and graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and a former USN Commander who served on the USS Comfort and in overseas deployments. He baptized me at Laguna Beach, married me on top of the Space Needle (he wrote the ceremony for the pastor) and we live in my home in Laguna Niguel. Stacy went on to marry an ER doctor and has 2 children, and Jonathan and Candice has the one son Trevor now 13 (the one I found out about at Disneyland ) with you. I just thought this Easter Day of those who have guided my faith with you being a very important part of my spiritual journey. Best regards, Muy Linda

    • Hi Linda, Somehow, we lost touch. In 2016, I retired from tennis and moved to North Carolina. It was really difficult leaving friends from 25+years of living there but I couldn’t afford it as a tennis teacher. I have been working for a software company for 11 years – part time along with tennis for 5 and full time after leaving tennis. Whitney died a year ago. I still remember going to the Christmas festivities with you downtown the day I brought her home. She was the love of my life. Miss her still every day but I did get another Lab puppy. Would love to stay in touch. Use my first name and last name at gmail if you are interested so happy to hear about the interesting journey in your life. Congratulations on your marriage; he sounds like a perfect fit. And glad to hear about your kids and grandkids. I still remember the miracle God did with us. As I remember it, you asked one question and I answered that question and all the other questions you had without asking them. Certainly the Holy Spirit in action.

      Love you and miss you. Happy Resurrection Day.

      • Garry
        If you have time send an email to the real email in your info required. So sorry about Whitney. Bayleigh and Kahlua also died within 6 months of each other. We have two new boys that are twins and are turning 2. North Carolina must be nice. I think I am retired but never quite sure. What I do has unique requirements that few have and I get enticed back in moments of weakness. I am recruited daily for Dean of Nursing BSN, MSN positions but am having some grandiose thinking I should write a book for a Christian movie about my path to Christianity and my husband, from Kansas to USN Navy Chaplain and his deployments and our love story. I think it would be better than “The Notebook” and your character will need to be in it! Have a blessed Easter. Linda

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