ansellike bearclaw halfdome halfdomebridalveil halfdomereflect mirrorlake morning morningtrees morningtrees2 reflection1 reflection2 rivermorn tentupagain tree2 tree3 tree4 tree5 tree6 tree8 tunnelview woodpecker yosemiteblue yosemitefallsreflection yosemitefallssnowbbsunrise1 bison fun April August cover December extra1 extra2 January July June main March May November October teton GGsunset2 tunnel OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Thor tucker'ssunset vibrantsunset whit whitty


2 thoughts on “Photography

    • The buffalo shot was in Yellowstone. I shut off the engine on the road as a herd walked past. I could have touched them. Popped out of the sun roof and starting shooting photos. Kind of symbolic of the Old West stepping into the 21st century. Thanks for the encouragement total amateur here, but am having fun.

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